UMA : VoIP Killer

The Register writes:

UMA kills the VoIP dream

3GSM It’s
small, it’s boring and won’t turn any heads – but it probably spells
the end of the road for Skype, Vonage and any other hopeful independent
VoIP companies. It’s Nokia’s 6136 phone, which allows you to make calls
over your home or office Wi-Fi network, as well as on a regular
cellular network. UMA, or unlicensed mobile access, is the mobile
operators’ answer to the threat of VoIP – and now it’s reality.…

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Google Buys Measure Map

Google has announced that they have acquired Adaptive Path’s Measure Map. Measure Map (still in private beta) is used to provide traffic stats for blogs.

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Ning 2.0 Screenshots

Om Malik has some screenshots of the new and to be launched Ning.com. Check them out here.

Ideal AJAX Desktop

…should have the following:

  1. Word Processor (Writely)
  2. Spreadsheet (Numsum)
  3. Presentation ( anything out yet?)
  4. Music (Pandora)
  5. Instant Messaging (Meebo)
  6. Calendar (30boxes)
  7. Mail Client
  8. Photos (Flickr)
  9. Photo Editor (Pxn8)
  10. To Do List (TaDa List)
  11. RSS Reader (Newsalloy)
  12. Blog Client
  13. File manager
  14. Storage (Omnidrive, Streamload)

all at one place.

Edgeio: Listings From The Edge

Edgeio, secretive startup by onetime RealNames founder Keith Teare and TechCrunch blogger Mike Arrington was unofficially launched and Rob Hof has put his review here.

Few quotes from Rob’s article:

Edgeio is doing just what its tagline says: gathering “listings from the edge”–classified-ad listings in blogs, and even online product content in newspapers and Web stores, and creating a new metasite that organizes those items for potential buyers.

The way Edgeio works is that bloggers would post items they want to sell right on their blogs, tagging them with the word “listing” (and eventually other descriptive tags). Then, Edgeio will pluck them as it constantly crawls millions of blogs looking for the “listing” tag and index them on Edgeio.com.

Also, Edgeio sends a trackback to the blog, providing a way for the blogger to go to Edgeio and modify the listing, adding other tags such as “autos” and other data that will further help the listing appeal to potential buyers.

Mathew Ingram says it could become Craiglist 2.0

Songbird Launched

Songbird, one of the most eagerly awaited launches, has finally been launched. Songbird is a web browser and media player built on Mozilla (Firefox) engine. The media player is capable of playing multiple formats like MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA. Since the media player in addition to web browser, it can play, download audio files embedded into web pages. It can scan, watch folders and help you organise your media library. CD ripping and burning features coming soon.

Some screenshots from the Songbird website:

AJAX Calendars

Joel Solsky is not impressed with the new web-based calendars like Trumba, Kiko, 30 Boxes, Yahoo! Calendar, and Spongecell. Infact, he wouldn’t recommend any of them. He says his needs are probably wierd (are they?).

These are the things he is looking for:

  • Enter flights. Many of these calendars only lets me enter things that start on 15 minute intervals, and flights are just not scheduled that way. Many of these calendars insist I specify the duration, which I don’t know — I know when the flight lands, but not the duration.
  • Understand enough about time zones so I can enter a flight. Flights from New Zealand to Los Angeles arrive before they departed. It’s confusing but it’s true and if I can’t enter them properly on my calendar I’m back to typing itineraries in Word.
  • Allow my assistant to enter appointments and see my schedule, although some things may be private. Many calendars have this feature.
  • Notify me in advance of a meeting using some reliable mechanism. Surprisingly many of the hot new Ajax calendars omitted this basic feature because they’re web apps. At the very least, I’d like something to pop up on Windows, which means a downloadable widget, and an SMS message on my cell phone. Different meetings need different advance warnings … I need to be notified 3 hours before a flight at Kennedy but 3 minutes before a meeting in my office.
  • Print out something reasonable that I can take with me before a trip listing my complete schedule for the trip. Some of my appointments have driving directions or complicated notes attached. I just want a list of where I need to be, when, and it’s surprising that very few online calendars can handle this.