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FeedTier LogoWhile going through Pete Cashmore’s Mashable came across FeedTier, a website where you can convert any webpage to RSS. I gave it a try with few sites like metal-rules.com and blistering.com and got some mixed results. FeedTier does an good job in getting the headlines from the webpage from if your webpage has headlines as links. If the headlines are not links then it would not pick them and you would see a bizzare list of headlines. It basically picks all the hyperlinks from webpage. If you are not happy with the result, then you can “refine” the result by selecting the most appropriate headline from a list of results. Depending on your selection, FeedTier would fetch the results again which would match your selection. A RSS button is provided for the results which could be added to any RSS reader.

Nice utility with only drawback it does not fetch non-linked headlines. What would make it more useful is to understand the structure of the page and try to deduce what part of the page is most repeated and present it as headlines. If the user is not happy, they can refine it as before.


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