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Web 2.0 Ideas For Free

Om Malik writes: 

If you are looking to fund some Web 2.0 companies and are currently seeking inspiration, this is a great resource. … via who else but, the blog king of comedy, Joseph Weisenthal.


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Business2 writes: 

A new search engine called Kosmix ranks Web pages by category (like other clustering search engines).  Started by the founders of Junglee (a price-comparison search engine they sold to Amazon) and former Stanford classmates of Sergey Brin, Kosmix is focussed on health search right now, but has plans to expand to other categories (SiliconBeat has the details). An interesting test would be to see if Kosmix returns more relevant health results than Healthline (which I wrote about here).  The difference between the two is that Healthline limits its search to a predetermined set of less than 100,000 health-related Web sites, whereas Kosmix crawls 2.7 billion Web pages and infers which ones are health-related based on its content and the content of pages linking to it.

Guided navigation is definitely a next step in search (a company called Endeca pioneered this with its enterprise search product year ago), but ultimately you don’t want to have to go to a hundred different vertical search engines to find what you are looking for.  Eventually (through building or buying it), it’s just going to be part of your Google, Yahoo, or MSN search results.

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